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The Generation relies on articles written by the student body for the bulk of its content.  Articles must be original works by the writer.  Although The Generation is affiliated with UCLA, we welcome submissions from college/university students around the globe.

Submission guidelines:

  • All articles must relate to foreign affairs and will ideally be between 800 and 1,600 words.
  •  Scope must be relating to international affairs (topics might relate to economics, peacekeeping, environment, politics and policy, etc). Please contact the editorial team if you’re unsure whether your article will fit the bill.
  • Articles should avoid news-summarizing and offer an analytical perspective on the topic chosen.
  • Citations must be given in hyperlink format (see existing articles on our website for reference).
  • Your article will be reviewed for grammatical and content accuracy by The Generation‘s editorial staff.

Students can publish an op-ed, article, or short essay. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Foreign Policy
  • Security and Conflict
  • Global Health
  • Environmental Change
  • The International Economy

To submit a guest article, follow this link.

Questions? Email generationucla@gmail.com.

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