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Global Voices is a podcast from the Burkle Center at UCLA and The Generation, UCLA’s foreign affairs journal. We strive to tell global stories from the perspectives of UCLA students and professors.

Episode I: The Strongman

Donald Trump’s candidacy has redefined how presidential candidates should act and speak, running a campaign that has shocked many Americans. Trump’s huge base of support can be put into context by comparing him to another charismatic leader: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Listen to how the two polarizing figures share common ideals and strategies, understand how each has gained popular support, and consider the repercussions of each of their respective movements.

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Episode II: Climate (For) Change

What do polar bears and organized religion have in common? Join us as we traverse the intersection of environment and faith, explain why their overlap is important, and see how participating in conversations that incorporate both of them may be the key to solving environmental issues and more. Tune in on Earth Day (Saturday, April 22nd). 

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Episode III: I Can’t Hear You

Clashes over First Amendment rights on college campuses have ignited national conversation about the limits of free speech and the moral responsibilities of student organizations and controversial speakers. In this episode of Global Voices, we tackle some of the big questions surrounding this contentious issue and make the case for more open-minded and inclusive conversations on campus.

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