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The Generation is an online foreign affairs magazine featuring student’s perspectives on global current events. Our title pays homage to this generation of young people, who as a result of our increasingly interconnected world are more aware of and active in global events than prior generation.

The Generation is a project based out of the Burkle Center for International Relations at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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Grayson Peters

Grayson Peters is a fourth-year Political Science and French double major.  Active in local politics, Grayson serves on the board of the North Westwood Neighborhood Council, an elected advisory body to the city of Los Angeles, and chairs its Transportation and Safety Committee. Grayson’s primary areas of interest in the foreign policy sphere are the French-speaking world and ethnic conflict in formerly colonized nations. In his free time, Grayson plays jazz piano, argues about zoning on Nextdoor, and daydreams about banning cars.

Katie Jones
Managing Editor

Katie is a fourth year Economics major and Global Studies minor with an interest in international trade and development. She is a research assistant in the Department of Economics, a volunteer income tax preparer with VITA UCLA, and a writer for student satire magazine Satyr. In her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with friends and of course watching copious amounts of reality television.

Zachary Durkee
Print Director and Writer

Zachary Durkee is a fourth-year student majoring in Political Science. He is interested in U.S. – China relations and would like to pursue a career in diplomacy or intelligence. In his free time, Zachary enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with friends, going to good restaurants, and painting.

Taylor Fairless
Public Relations and Writer

Taylor is a History and Global Studies student with a background in Fine Arts. Her love for 20th century history largely shaped her concentrations in Cold War ideologies, with regional focuses in Asia and the Middle East. She has presented her research on nuclear and chemical nonproliferation at the UN headquarters in New York and in Washington D.C. Her time there inspired her to pursue a J.D. in order to realize a career in international security. Outside of academics, you can catch Taylor capturing moments of her friends on film or painting the energetic streets of LA.

Alex Choy
Social Media Director and Writer

Alex is a fourth-year student from New Jersey, majoring in Political Science. A member of UCLA’s Army ROTC Program, he specializes in studying international conflict in preparation for a career as a Military Intelligence Officer in the US Army. In his free time he enjoys photography, backpacking and swimming.

Kosi Ogbuli
Writer and Researcher for World View

Kosi Ogbuli is a recent UCLA graduate with a demonstrated history working in fields of humanitarian affairs, international affairs, health policy, and community advocacy. He has interests in global development, the emergence of Africa and the global south as leading socio-economic powers, and global governance. He aspires to attain a Master’s degree in International Development and Global Health and to culminate his academic endeavors with a PhD. He aims to become a diplomat and help change the world. In his free time he enjoys meditating, reading, music sharing, and listening to podcasts.

Annabelle Werner

Annabelle Werner is a third year Political Science and International Development Studies double major. As an aspiring human rights lawyer, she is fascinated by transitional justice, international politics, and NGO work. In the UCLA community, she is a leader in the campus chapter of the United Nations Association and competes in Division 1 Cross Country and Track. When she is not reading or running, Annabelle enjoys enabling her coffee addiction and petting as many dogs as possible.

Herman Luis Chavez

Herman Luis Chavez is a junior transfer student studying Ethnomusicology and Comparative Literature. He is interested in the effects of colonialism and imperialism, the politics of culture and creativity, and the dynamics of power in the Luso-Hispanic world. At UCLA, he is a Director in the Undergraduate Students Association Council, and he sits on the UCLA Academic Senate and the Herb Alpert School of Music Anti-Racism Action Committee. He is also involved in research and intends to pursue his PhD. In his free time, he likes to read poetry, ruminate on the power of Twitter on academic discourse, listen to k-pop, and chismear.

Elizabeth Onibokun

Elizabeth Onibokun is a fourth year Political Science major, with a concentration in International Relations and is minoring in History. She is a strong proponent for international organizations, protecting human rights and the importance of diplomacy. The daughter of a Jamaican mother and Nigerian father, she has an interest in Western Africa and the Caribbean and the persisting legacy of colonialism and power politics. At UCLA, she is the Public Relations Manager for AIESEC, a youth-run organization affiliated with the UN and intends to pursue her Master’s degree in International Relations. In her free time she enjoys either reading, fantasizing about traveling, or a good Netflix binge.

Andreas Papoutsis

Andreas Papoutsis is a third-year Economics major and Public Affairs minor. Growing up in a Greek household, the 2015 Greek Debt Crisis sparked his interest in economic policy and foreign affairs. Andreas currently engages in research at the Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Analysis and hopes to attend law school before pursuing a career in economic policy or national economic security. In his free time, you can catch him watching the 11th Hour with Brian Williams, playing video games with his friends, watching Premier League football (soccer), or telling everyone that Kobe is better than MJ and Lebron.

Caroline Mendoza

Caroline Mendoza is a first year International Development Studies major. On campus, she is an Alumni Scholar and serves on the Federal Relations Staff of the Office of the External Vice President. Caroline is greatly interested in global human rights and peacebuilding as it pertains to women, peace, and security and currently works with STAND, a DC-based nonprofit, and the US Campaign for Burma. Caroline actively advocates with the Korea Peace movement and enjoys watching Tik Toks and BTS videos in her spare time.