World View

The Generation‘s new docuseries, ‘World View,’ will cover various international relations issues shaping our world: from international Human Trafficking Criminal Networks, CIA Covert Operations history, Chinese Communist Party International Lobbying, the Militarization of Space, and Nuclear Treaties.

In this series, the Generation will explore these issues in-depth through extensive archival research and leveraging the expertise of esteemed individuals working in these fields from California to Washington D.C., all the way to Australia and Bangladesh. The series has been green-lit for its first 5 episodes to come out Winter of 2021.

Interested in taking part in this series? We are looking for: staff researchers, writers, assistant producers, video editors, voice actors.

Meet the Team of World View, Season 1

Luke Anthony

Kosi Ogbuli
Sr. Researcher

Jenson Hu
Sr. Researcher

Alethea Katherine
Series Composer

Brooke Proctor
Assistant Director & Researcher

Zhenye (Ryan) Pan
Sr. Researcher

Naomi Golin
Sr. Researcher

Jamey Battle
Assistant Producer

Patrick Begian
Sr. Researcher