Society and Culture

UC community sees Haiti on the rise

March 16, 2010 thegeneration

Panelists on campus discuss the role of social networks, objective reporting, Haitian culture, and the involvement of aid organizations as we see Haiti on the rise.

Society and Culture

Before you leave, learn how it all began

March 13, 2010 thegeneration

Amy Ta discusses ethnicity, identity, community and what it means to be “Asian American” as she prepares to close her UCLA chapter.

Security and Conflict

The Future of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Its Opposition is Unpredictable

March 1, 2010 thegeneration

For the Obama administration, what happened in the aftermath of Iran’s 2009 election when mass protests broke out in Tehran and Iran’s other major cities was a surprise.

Society and Culture

UC Undergraduates form Women’s Initiative for Local Livelihoods to Foster Community Empowerment and Sustainable Development

February 20, 2010 thegeneration

UCLA students and faculty follow the livelihood practices and environmental challenges facing Muslim and Buddist women in Thailan in light of the catastrophic effects of the 2004 tsunami and return with Net Impact Undergrad at UCLA, a new student organization supporting social entrepreneurship.

Society and Culture

Oh the places you’ll go…

February 18, 2010 thegeneration

The Burkle Center’s quarterly career panel brings together seasoned diplomats, humanitarians, and students to share diverse experiences.


About The Generation

January 22, 2010 David Taylor

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